I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year but I thought that it would be fun to set the table as if I were.  I have always been a fan of doing the pretty stuff and not as much of a fan of the work stuff (i.e. doing all of the cooking and cleaning) wink…wink.    

I had wanted to set a summer table scape with these lovely blue and white plates but did not get around to it so I thought why not blue and white for Thanksgiving?  I mean there are no rules…right?  I really love that one of my favorite flower shops had these autumn themed centerpieces ripe with roses, persimmon, eucalyptus, heather and a variety of other wonderfully smelling blooms.  Put it all together and VIOLA a unique Thanksgiving table.  


I even went so far as to create place cards.  Well…really only one because I only have one shell place card holder.  Thank goodness for camera macro lenses! 


TH-Table-5I bet you are wondering where the forks, spoons and knives are… I mean it is a little difficult to eat mashed potatoes with your fingers (although I am betting that my three year old niece would love that).  I went rifling through my kitchen utensil drawer and just could not find a set of silverware that ONE did not have to be polished or TWO needed to be hand washed because they were still wearing the crumb remnants from our last dinner party (how long ago was that?)  Hmmm… I am just not even going to think about that.  I guess there is a THIRD reason (aside from actually having to wash something) and that is I was sort of envisioning some pearl handled silverware to dress up this table ensemble (are you listening Santa?).  

TH-Table-6TH-Table-7TH-Table-8TH-Table-9I added some bubbly to the glasses…you know for some added color and texture.  How most of the bottle ended up in my glass I have no idea ha!

I think that I will post the rest of my photos to instagram (as I am starting to feel that champagne kick in!) 

May you and your family have a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving.